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QR-12 Drone Detection And Jamming System

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Drone detection and jamming system

Application: Political core areas, chief residence, foreign affairs activities, airports, nuclear power plants, oil storage and other inflammable and explosive areas, major events venues.


Product parameters:

1. Equipment detection frequency range: 300-6000MHz;

2. Identify the information of the designated drone model, and can identify the DJI PHANT0M4A quadcopter UAV with the frequency of 2476MHz in the unobstructed space of the prototype;

3. Detection distance: no less than 8km;

4. Single station detection diameter: not less than 6km ( power 0.1W );

5. Detection angle: omnidirectional, 360°;

6. Detection angle accuracy : less than 5°(rms);

7. Tracking speed: reach to 45km/h;

8. First interception time: no more than 5s;

9. Last withdrawal time: no more than 5s;

10. Detect and intercept the number of drones: no less than 40 pieces;

11. Detecting the built-in weight: 15.40KG, system host weight: 14.60KG;

12. Detection component size: diameter 690mm x height 450mm;

13. System host size: length 460mm x width 230mm x height 350mm;;

14. Power supply mode: mains AC220V, gasoline generator;

15. Working temperature: -35℃ ~ +85℃, working humidity: 80 ± 3%;

16. Pass GB16796-2009 AC voltage resistance test, leakage current test, insulation resistance test;

Product comprehensive performance evaluation

1. Environmental applicability: various environments such as emergency, transition, temporary control and detection, etc., convenient and flexible, both portable and on-board, and can also be used at fixed times.

2. Reliability: It can work without interruption all the time, regardless of climatic conditions: working environment temperature ( -35℃ ~ +85℃), working environment humidity (80 ± 3%).

3. Maintainability: Combined design, easy to disassemble, upgrade and repair. Any component has problems that do not affect other orientations. It can be used for subsequent maintenance. If you need to replace the module, you can simply plug it in and out, and it will not affect other. Azimuth detection works normally.

4. Security and flexibility: Using passive positioning technology, the electromagnetic wave signals emitted by the drone and the remote control are used to locate the radiation source, which does not interfere with the existing equipment, and is safe and reliable. With early warning capability, no drone takes off, ground can be detected, and early warning capability is available.

5. The system is light and can be operated by a single person. The multi-station uses a telecom carrier network or an ad hoc network for wireless transmission, and the deployment is simple and fast.

6. Compatibility: A variety of power supply modes are available: AC220V power supply and external power supply.

7. Guaranteeability: The built-in high-efficiency heat sink is not seen in each direction, and the operating temperature of the equipment is automatically dissipated to ensure efficient heat dissipation and prolong the service life of the equipment.

8. Reliability: It meets the 45Hz-65Hz electric strength test specified in GB16796-2009.  It requires ≥1min without breakdown and arcing. It complies with the provisions of GB16796-2009, leakage current test,total current ≤0.6mA; meets the insulation resistance test, and carries out the requirements of safety alarm equipment, the total resistance value is not less than 150 MΩ;

Detection and jamming system linkage integration (including daylight + night photoelectric system), omnidirectional rotation tracking target, jamming distance is more than 1 km. 

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