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YFT-CZ35 VTOL Fixed Wing Hybrid Engine Drone System

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VTOL fixed wing UAV drone system YFT-CZ35 hybrid engine

Flight parameters
Flight duration 3~4 hours
Cruising speed 70~120 km/h
Flight height <5000m
Payload 2~4kg
Max take-off weight <27 kg
Wind resistance 5~6 level
Take-off and landing vertical


- Fully autonomous flight

- Flight route planning

- One-key return

- Return when out of control

- Flight direction locked

IR/EO 30x optical zoom 3 axis high stabilizer pod camera

Visible light parameter
Video Recording 1920*1080
Optical Zoom 30x
Pixel 2 megapixel
Storage SD/SDHC storage card
Lens focal distance F=4.3~129.0mm
 Power Consumption 3.2~4.0W  
Thermal imaging parameter
Frame Frequency 50Hz
Pixel 640*480
Wavelength Coverage 8~14μm
Image Denoising  digital filtering
Image Output 50ms
Focal Length F=25mm
magnification times 2/4/8/16x
FOV 19.5°x14.7°
Infrared Power Consumption 3.5W
Humidity ≤95%RH
Physical electrical performance parameters
Stabilization System Yaw Pitch Roll 3-Axis structure
Weight Less than 1700g
Size 135*200*220mm  
Diameter 135mm
Power Consumption Less than 15W
Power Source 12V DC Input
Stabilization Precision  0.1°
Rotation Angular Velocity ≤120°/s
Steady Angular Velocity ≥1°/s
Rotation Angular 360° continuous
Video Interface HDMI
Control interface PWM, SBUS, serial
Temperature Range -10℃~+45℃


- 30x optical zoom

- thermal imaging F=25mm

- 360 degree continuous rotation

- camera real-time control

- support picture in picture

Ground control station

Model Ground control station
Computer monitor Size: 10.2 inch

Resolution: 1366*768
Computer host Internal storage: 4G

Hard disk: 60G
Video display Size: 18.5 inch

Resolution: 1920*1080
Video Long distance real-time transmission

Antenna matched
Ground station Endurance: 2h

Size: 570*416*210mm

Weight: 14kg
Function Bluetooth / USB / HDMI output
Working temperature -30℃~+60℃

Ground Control Station Software Introduction:

- With mission planning function, it can specify the three-dimensional coordinates of aircraft at each waypoint, and support the function of modifying the point in real time through the ground station during flight.

- Supports no less than 200 pieces of 3D waypoint and can arbitrarily set the hovering time at each point.

- Support record, download and display the flight status (including flight attitude, path, height, lifting speed) on the ground station in real time.

- Support function of displaying and recording aircraft flight path and telemetry parameters.

- From ground station it clearly indicate the nose pointing.

- Support map offline display function and can be updated via network.

- Support the complete flight status information displayed, flight height, distance from home point, latitude and longitude, flight path, flight speed, attitude information (pitch, heading), GPS signal status.

- Support gimbal / pod camera control functions such as photographing, video recording, zoom, etc...


Jiangsu Digital Eagle Technology Development Co.,Ltd
is located in Wuxi, which is a high-tech company with ability
to develop flight control system.


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