Multi Rotor Drone for Security and Surveillance SK62

Multi Rotor Drone for Security and Surveillance SK62

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Product Description
The SK-62 six rotor police UAV has a warning light,loudspeaker system and throwing could throw paint balls,tear gas and so on.It can payload gimbal camera,real-time monitoring,used in city, traffic, power line patrol, anti-terrorism, etc. also used in emergency applications, such as,fire, earthquake, flood,the disaster situation can be observed in real time, and emergency medicine can be delivery.
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50% T/T in advance, 50% T/T before loading

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Wuxi, China

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1 unit



SK-62 Six-rotor Security Drone

The SK series multiple rotors UAV developed by Digital Eagle adopts the plug-in arms design to solve the difficult problems of drone maintenance in a simple and reliable way. In recent years, the tasks of large-scale activities such as security, mass incident handling, natural disasters, and emergency rescue undertaken by the public security police system have become more and more serious.
Digital Eagle UAV can assist for large-scale activity security, VVIP protection, border/coastline surveillance and control, daily patrol for powerline/pipeline, traffic control, natural disasters/ emergency rescue and other tasks. The UAV can perform aerial reconnaissance, surveillance, photography and combating tasks. It can be widely used in the air command and attack against drug trafficking, criminals to assist command center with various effective means. 

Product Parameters



Working temperature


Max payload


Duration of Flight

30 minutes

Cruising speed


Rain resistance


Take off weight


Battery recommend


Product Details
  • SK-62 Speaker & Throwing System & Alarm Lamp
  • SK-62 Security Drone Max Payload is up to 3kg.
  • SK-62 Security UAV Duration of Flight 30 minutes.
Product Features

Emergency delivery & Rescue system
The drone can deliver the relief and urgent supplies no matter the condition and terrain.

Real time and long time monitoring
Capture the photography and video, make the work of monitoring, patrol, security more efficiently and timely.

Provide Visuals and Maps
The drone with camera can identify/measure/collect the spatial location, shape, size, and attributes for mapping, surveying, military.


Propaganda system
Achieve air call or convey instructions especially in high attitude rescue project.

All-in-one aircraft design
Multi-function/customized payload for different requirement.

Modular design of function component, detachable rotor
Much conveniently and easily to assemble, maintain, upgrade and replace.      

Industry Application
  • Supervisory Control

    DE has developed all-round, multi-level UAV moitoring system, which has participated in the police anti-terrorism task in many cities. At the same time for civil use, participated in oil fields, mountains and other supervision and patrol tasks.
  • Surveying and Mapping

    UAV surveying and mapping the terrain environment is a new technology used in the field of remote sensing for terrain surveying and mapping, and it is also an important step in 3D modeling in urban construction.
  • Power Line Patrol

    DE patrol UAV products. could easily replace complex manual patrol, improve the precision and accuracy of patrol, to insure the operation of power system.
  • Mission Payload Delivery

    DE UAV has the characteristics of large payload and long endurance. The payload ranges from 1kg to 50kg, which can be customized according to customer needs. Logistics drones are widely used in the logistics field.
Company Introduction
  • Flight Mode Control
    Support The Fixed Wing Vertical Takeoff And Landing : Greatly Reduce Dependence On The Site, Ejection Rack, Parachute, Etc., And The Operating Site Is Wide Adapted.Dual-Redundancy GNSS Positioning.
  • Video Camera Control
    Support Real-Time Monitor Height And Distance,GPS Star Number, Flight Status Real-Time Dispay.Real-Time Display Flying Height, Distance, Heading Angle.Support The Fist View Monitoring.
  • One Key Return
    Out Of Control Return, Flight Direction Lock, Law Battery Alarm And Data Recorder.Manual Stability, Autonomous Take-Off/Landing,Flying Attitude Stability/GPS Attitude Stability.
  • Waypoint Route Planning
    Built-In Black Box Data Recording Function, Can Be Recorded About 60 Minutes Of Flight Data. Support For Connecting External Data Loggers, Record Up To 2000 Hours Of Flight Data.
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    We offer customized design, and the price is based on quantity or optional parts. Contact us to get more!

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    Agriculture Drone, Multi-rotor Drone, Fixed Wing Drone, Drone Camera, Anti Drone Device.

  • How do you provide training service?

    All our products are modular-design, easy to operate and maintain for anyone from anywhere.We also provide on-line courses and 3-5 day off-line training in our company.Every client will be required to pass the exam before operating.

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    50% T/T in advance, 50% T/T before delivery

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    Own R&D center, five factories in China- More than 400 patents. - Professional teams - Long time practical experiences - Global markets coverage.