Digital Eagle YFT-CZ36RC Battery VTOL Fixed Wing Drone UAV

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Product Description

This model is operated by RC within the natural visual range, which is suitable for flight training and model aircraft competitions.

UAV flight training and testing is the final part of flight technique training. Only in a real environment can one truly master and become proficient in flight techniques.

This drone, suitable for the training with visual range, allows pilots to attain skills to operate the remote control, programming and debugging, and to be able to master the basic operation of the drone's flight attitude, altitude, heading, speed and so on.

Technical Data Sheet


YFT-CZ36RC Battery VTOL Fixed Wing Drone

Material Science

Carbon Fiber



Transaction mode

50% T/T in advance, 50% T/T before loading

Delivery time

2  weeks


Aviation aluminum box



Place of origin

Wuxi, China

Minimum order quantity

1 unit




YFT-CZ32RC Drone with Thermal YFT-CZ36RC VTOL Fixed Wing Drone with Optional Payload POD/PTZ Camera

VTOL fixed wing drone YFT-CZ36RC. This drone, suitable for the training with visual range, allows pilots to attain skills to operate the remote control, programming and debugging, and to be able to master the basic operation of the drone's flight attitude, altitude, heading, speed and so on.

Product Parameters



Working temperature


Max payload


Flight Duration of one-time training


Cruising speed


Rain resistance


Take off weight


Power System

Hybrid (Battery+Gasoline)

Product Details
YFT-CZ36RC Fixed Wing UAV Wingspan is 3600mm.
YFT-CZ36RC Fixed Wing Drone Max Payload is depending.
YFT-CZ36RC Fixed Wing UAV Duration of Fligh Duration is depending.
Product Features
High-strength carbon fiber composite process technology

Adapt to the operation condition in high and low temperature.

Aerodynamic design and smooth surface
It ensure a low air resistance, make the flight stable, reliable and safe.

Modular design
Fast assembly and disassembly, portable transport.


Highly advanced aerodynamic design and performance                                                                                                                                                            
Effectively increases the endurance flight time.

Vertical takeoff and landing
Not subject to site constraints, not require the track. The flyer can operate the drone at anywhere and under extreme terrains.

Fully autonomously flight controlled
Through the professional flight control and GCS system.

Company Introduction

Industry Application
Training for Supervisory 
Training for Surveying and Mapping
Training for Power Line Patrol
Mission Payload Delivery
UAV flight technology training involves not only basic theoretical learning, simulator training and real-time flight training, but also maintenance and repair of UAVs as well as continuous learning and expansion. Only through continuous learning and training can we master superb flight techniques and at the same time be able to apply UAVs for a variety of tasks.
Before carrying out real-time aircraft training, it is necessary to understand the flying site, environment and weather and other related conditions, and make pre-flight preparations. During the training, we should pay attention to the safety, comply with the flight regulations, and strictly prohibit dangerous operation by remote control operation within visual range.
Remote control operation: The remote control is an important tool for controlling the UAV's flight direction and attitude, and mastering the operation methods and skills of the remote control can improve flight accuracy and stability.
The cameras are integrated with high-definition visible light, infrared thermal imaging, auto tracking and laser range finder modules
  • Flight Mode Control
    Support The Fixed Wing Vertical Takeoff And Landing : Greatly Reduce Dependence On The Site, Ejection Rack, Parachute, Etc., And The Operating Site Is Wide Adapted.Dual-Redundancy GNSS Positioning.
  • Video Camera Control
    Support Real-Time Monitor Height And Distance,GPS Star Number, Flight Status Real-Time Dispay.Real-Time Display Flying Height, Distance, Heading Angle.Support The Fist View Monitoring.
  • One Key Return
    Out Of Control Return, Flight Direction Lock, Law Battery Alarm And Data Recorder.Manual Stability, Autonomous Take-Off/Landing,Flying Attitude Stability/GPS Attitude Stability.
  • Waypoint Route Planning
    Built-In Black Box Data Recording Function, Can Be Recorded About 60 Minutes Of Flight Data. Support For Connecting External Data Loggers, Record Up To 2000 Hours Of Flight Data.
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    We offer customized design, and the price is based on quantity or optional parts. Contact us to get more!

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    Agriculture Drone, Multi-rotor Drone, Fixed Wing Drone, Drone Camera, Anti Drone Device.

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    All our products are modular-design, easy to operate and maintain for anyone from anywhere.We also provide on-line courses and 3-5 day off-line training in our company.Every client will be required to pass the exam before operating

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    50% T/T in advance, 50% T/T before delivery

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    Own R&D center, five factories in China- More than 400 patents. - Professional teams - Long time practical experiences - Global markets coverage.