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QR-12 Drone Detection and Jamming System

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Digital Eagles Drone Detection and Jamming System QR-12

In recent years, with the development of technology, drones have been widely used in military and civilian fields. At the same time, the illegal drones in no-fly zone cause serious safety hazards to airports, power stations and stadiums ect.

Digital Eagle’s new product Drone Detection and Jamming System QR-12 is one of the most efficient solution till now to detect and intercept the illegal drones. This system adopts passive positioning technology to locate the radiation source by the electromagnetic wave signals emitted by the drone and the remote control. Meanwhile, it is safe and reliable as it will not interfere with the existing equipment.



The QR-12 system is widely applied in political core areas, chief residence, foreign affairs activities, airports, nuclear power plants, oil storage and other inflammable and explosive areas, major events venues ect.

This QR-12 system can cover the detection frequency range from 300MHz to 6000MHz and its detection distance is no less than 8km with detection angle omnidirectional 360°. Its tracking speed can reach to 45km/h. The Power supply can be with AC220V or gasoline generator. Its working temperature is from -35 to 85 with humidity 80 (± 3%). This QR-12 system already passes GB16796-2009 AC voltage resistance test, leakage current test and insulation resistance test.

The outstanding features for this anti drone defense system QR-12 are as follows: It has wide environmental applicability, reliability with automatic operation full day, maintainability with module design, flexibility and portability with fast installation, compatibility with multiple power supply modes, and efficient integration with detection and jamming system.


Frequency Range Radio Signal Link Range based on civil-grade UAV 300-6000MHz
Detection Distance Up to 8 KM
Jammer Distance 1KM-3KM
Single Station Detection Area Diameter No less than 6KM (power 0.1W)
Weight Detect component 15.40KG

System host 14.56KG
Dimension Detect component 690mm*450mm

System host 460*230*350mm
Power Supply AC220V/ gasoline generator
Detection Angle Full 360° Airspace
First Interception Time No more than 5s
Last Withdrawal Time  No more than 5s
Detect and Intercept Drone Number No less than 40 pieces
Working Temperature -35℃ to +85℃
Working Humidity 80 (± 3%)


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