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Environmental industry guardian|Drones help with environmental management of rivers in the Yangtze River basin

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With the rapid economic and social development, the importance of river water pollution prevention and control has become increasingly important, and the supervision of outfalls is of paramount importance. In 2022, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Implementation Opinions on Strengthening the Supervision and Management of Outfalls into Rivers and the Sea", which clearly set the target of completing the inspection of outfalls in the main streams and important tributaries of the seven major river basins by 2023.


However, because of the long watershed shoreline and hard roadways, the traditional manual patrol work is very difficult to proceed which can cause safety hazards. Drones can play the role of the 'air clairvoyant' at this case. The fast access to a wide range of river environmental information and accurate access to key areas of evidence can greatly improve efficiency and safety. The tributary rivers distributed in urban areas often have complex river environments and face more diverse and hidden objects for investigation. With the help of drones, blind areas that are difficult to cover by human hands can be greatly supplemented and patrol safety improved.


In daily water pollution investigations, the rapid identification of pollution sources is a major challenge. In the traditional investigation, water samples need to be checked and collected manually and sent to the laboratory for water quality testing. In some cases it can take up to a week to produce results, which is slow and costly.

And with the help of UAV multispectral remote sensing technology, we can accurately and efficiently identify the distribution of pollution in large areas of rivers, just like x-raying rivers, and quickly grasp the water pollution situation through spectral changes, which greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of investigating large river sections. Once the heavily polluted areas are targeted, a focused targeted patrol mode is used to identify problematic outfalls using the visible light and thermal imaging capabilities of the drones.


With the increasing regulation of outfalls by the regulators, the use of rainwater to discharge sewage is becoming more common. Some outfalls are hidden in rainwater inlets, where sewage and rainwater are mixed together, and investigators may not always be able to find them even when they arrive on site. Under the traditional mode of operation, identification can only be done by means of water quality testing, which is difficult, dangerous and slow to take samples.

And with the help of the Digital Eagle UAV infrared thermal imaging camera, hidden drainage outlets can be efficiently identified. The temperature difference between normal rainwater discharge and natural river water is very small, while sewage water is usually very hot. On the thermal infrared image, the location of the outfall and the spread of the effluent are very obvious, so it is clear whether it is rainwater or sewage. It helps the ecological enforcement officers to trace the source of evidence quickly and improve efficiency significantly.


In addition, in the daily river inspections, for environmental problems such as riverbank vegetable planting, littering, damaged riverbank public facilities and water hyacinth covering the river surface, the inspectors carrying Digital Eagle professional drones can effectively increase the area covered in a single inspection and protect the healthy development of the environment with high quality and efficiency.



In the future, Digital Eagle Technology will continue to promote the innovation of drone technology and application, carry out research and development and application of remote sensing monitoring and other practical technologies and equipment, help build a whole process of supervision and management system of 'receiving water body - outfall - discharge channel - discharge unit', and be a reliable partner of the guardian of the environmental protection industry.


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