What is the utility of our long range fixed-wing VTOL ?

What is the utility of our long range fixed-wing VTOL ?

Jul 27, 2023

Fixed wing VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing), which can be fully electric or hybrid will first be very convenient for :

Border control, and here is why,

First protecting and monitoring the border is not just a matter of national security in case of invasion, it helps on managing animal migration, agricultural protection, a legal economy and trade of goods.

We now understand how important it is for governments, however what are their solution for that.

Is it putting cameras on pillars every 500 meters of border, or placing soldiers the same way ?

No, obvously it’s using long range drone that carries a camera and can stay in the air for multiple hours, Digital Eagle CZ-70 does it for 10 hours per flight in mongolia right now.

So not only does our drone fly longer but they can be equipped with infra-red cameras making them able to operate day and night, with a high adaptability to temperature and humidity.


Furthermore than being able to stay in the air for long, “Long range” VTOL also have the ability to carry up to 50kg payload.

And that just expanded the reach at which our drone operate, they are now useful for delivering package, medical supplies, emergency food or tools.

That help when the road is blocked by a landslide, a tree that dropped on the road, earthquake, water flood and hopefully it’s also used for delivering clothes to school and village that are in the montains.

With our new dropping system we can operate quickly without having to make the drone land and take-off again after a delivery, saving a good 10 minutes for every flight.


Before I finish let see what are the difference and advantage between mutli-rotor and fixed-wing drones.

Fixed-Wings are more performant for long range survey than multi-rotors,  and it’s very simple why, the wings and aerodynamic of the fixed-wing makes it fly way longer, the average fly time for a multi-rotor is 45 minutes compared to around 4 hours for the most fitted.

At the same time, the wingspan makes VTOL able to take bigger payloads and higher altitude because of wind resistance. As multi-rotors are smaller, more convenient for short travel and the monitoring of power line that require a close look, they can take videos and photos in tighter space like inside a forest.

As much as all this be, multi-rotors are not the best fit for long time survey.

Long range survey are considered as coast patrol, event monitoring (shown in last picture) and the survey of nature areas (flying high enough not to perturb the wildlife).

I hope this shows a clear view on the use of Fixed-Wing VTOL and if your interest grew continue to watch and read about us !

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