Powerful guidelines for firefighting drone

Powerful guidelines for firefighting drone

Sep 08, 2023

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At present, the height of the scaling ladder can only rise to an altitude of 70 meters on average. For higher buildings, it is difficult to extinguish the fire there. Drones can replace firefighters to fly to higher altitude for firefighting.
Forest fires occur every year in many countries. Forest fires will cause large-scale damage to the animal and plant environment. But firefighters cannot enter the forest and it is difficult to put out the fires there. UAVs can replace firefighters in the forest to investigate and monitor the fire situations and put out fires. It can greatly reduce the safety problems of forest firefighting and protect the environment.
Digital Eagle XF-07 fire extinguishing drone can carry and launch four fire extinguishing bombs aiming at the fire position to achieve fire suppression in small areas. It can achieve the effect of controlling the fire and even directly extinguish the fire source to save precious time for the fire rescue missions. In case of high buildings with glass curtain walls, one or more airborne firefighting bombs with glass breaking function can be launched to implement fire fighting after the windows are broken.

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powerful guidelines for firefighting drone

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