Digital Eagle ypo-25 camera auto target tracking

Digital Eagle ypo-25 camera auto target tracking

Sep 07, 2023

Three-Axis 360° Stable System 40X Optical Zoom HD Camera

TIE Digital Image Detail Enhancement Technique with Edge Sharpening
Image noise reduction:Digital filtering

Field of view angle 19.5°x14.7°(32.0°x24.2°)


Product Introduction
The Digital Eagle YPO-25 Two Axis 360 degrees Drone/UAV Camera is suitable for all types of surveillance, protection and monitoring uses. The camera features a 30 times optical zoom and produces video in 1080p for clear viewing. This excellent camera provides thermal imaging which is vital in dark, snowy or other conditions with a lack of visibility such as forests or jungles. The camera provides a Laser Range Finder capable of accurately measuring target distance over a maximum range of 3000 meters. It can also automatically track moving targets and follow the targets as they moving around.
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