Anti Drone Solution

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Anti Drone Solution

Oct 23, 2023

SK-XF07 Firefighting Drone the payload is up to 20kg,and the device can carry 4 fire bombs, is patented in the United States.Each bomb has the function of breaking window and it can break tempered glass within 12 mm.Each bomb can cover 9 cubic meters, and 4 bombs cover 36 cubic meters. For a tall building on fire the room is fully to cover.

The dry powder released by this device can achieve the effect of extinguishing the fire, and It is not harmful to the human body.

Apart from fire extinguisher launcher,it has a firefighting ball throwing device,fire fighting dry powder tank and fire hose.

Because the traditional way for fire fighting is the use of ladder and water gun fire.But ladders are limited in height, and fireman have to carry heavy equipment to climb high buildings,it can reduce energy ,so nowadays a lot of fire brigade are using this high building firefighting UAV and for other countries .

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