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YPO-05 IR/EO 3 axis Thermal Camera


Operation Manual for YPO-05

Jiangsu Digital Eagle S&T Development Co.,Ltd.

1、 Product Introduction

The YPO-05 photoelectric pod system is suitable for the situation which requires high protection level, with waterproof, dustproof, anti-salt spray function. Pod integrated high-definition visible light camera; the pod supporting common image processing system, can achieve the target tracking, target lock, automatic temperature warning, and other additional functions, greatly facilitate the utilization of the system in various industries, such as detection and monitoring, forest fire prevention, electricity line inspection and so on.

The pod can be mounted on UAV helicopters, fixed-wing UAV, multi-rotor UAV.

2、System Composition

Main components of the photoelectric pod system include: Pod platform (visible light camera), General interface / Image processing board, Ground station.

YPO-05 IR EO Camera.png

The functions of each part as follows:

(1) Photoelectric pods: Adopt horizontal pitch roll three-axis structure, Internal installation of optical detector and gyro stable servo system and related measurement equipment; External connection high-frequency shock absorber to isolate the high-frequency vibration of the body.

(2) Universal interface: General interface board provide connection to the airborne pod for power supply, digital radio, image transmission station interface

(3) Ground station: Contains an image display, remote controller

3、Product Features

(1) High integration, light and handy appearance, support pod orientation, pitch and roll, zoom action control, point to follow, point to lock mode supported.

(2) Supports clear imaging in low illuminance environments.

(3)Support video output, support the airborne side of high-definition video storage.

(4) Support the ground remote control to perform camera tasks.


4、Connection of wire

(1) Pin connector

YPO-05 IR EO Camera2.png

WFT09SII receiver channel from 1 to 9 plug pin (10-11 reserved) in turn, Futaba receiver sbus plug pin channel 1 all functions can be realized, pin channel corresponding features shown in the table below:

1 2 3 4 5 6
Front View Up PWM1 PWM2 PWM3 PWM4 PWM5 PWM6
Middle +5V +5V +5V +5V +5V +5V
Definition Roll(sbus) Pitch Zoom Direction Photograph Reserve
Front View Up PWM7 PWM8 PWM9 PWM10 PWM11
Middle +5V +5V +5V +5V +5v
Definition Focusing Vedio Return Reserve Reserve

(2) Receiver connection

YPO-07 EO Camera 2

5、Remote controller operation (Futaba  T14SG as sample)

YPO-01 EO Camera 4

Functions of each channel can be set up according to each component of T4SG

Component Channel Functions
J1 Channel 1 Roll
J2 Channel 2 Pitch
J3 Channel 3 Zoom
J4 Channel 4 Direction
SE Channel 5 Photograph
SA Channel 6 Reserve
SG Channel 7 Focusing
SF Channel 8 Vedio record
SD Channel 9 On key return

Note: Remote control switch corresponding Channel 7 must be three gear switch


6、Specification Data

6.1 Physical Electrical Performance Parameters

Stabilization System Horizontal Pitch Roll three-axis structure
Stabilization precision >0.1 degree
Speed Range Maximum rotation angular velocity 20 degrees/s, Minimum stable angular velocity < = 1 degree/s
Power source 12V DC Input,power consumption <30w
Weight <2000g
Dimension 135mm*195*225mm
Diameter 135mm

6.2 Visible Light Camera

Optical Zoom 40 times lens
Pixel 1920*1080
Storage Medium SD/SDHC Storage card
Anti-shake feature AIS Advanced Image Stabilizer
Vedio Record 1920*1080
Temperature range -10℃~50℃
Ultra low illumination Under dim light environment, clearly display image features.

6.3 Polycrystalline Silicon Non Refrigeration Focal Plane Infrared Detection

Pixel 384*288 640*480
Power consumption 2.3W 2.5W
Image output time <3S <5S
Image denoising Digital Filtering
Wavelength range 8~14μm
NETD ≤60mk@30℃
FPS 50Hz
Vedio output CVBS 50Hz(PAL)/ 60Hz(NTSC)
Image enhancement TIE digital image details enhancement techniques, edge sharpening
Temperature range -40℃~+60℃
Hermal sensitivity ≤95%(Non refrigeration)

7、Packing List

  • Camera*1

  • Shock absorber*4

  • Package*1

  • Operation Manual*1


8、Demension and Installation

YPO-05 IR EO Camera3.png

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