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What are the effects of low temperatures in winter on agricultural drone batteries and how can they be dealt with?

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As we all know, high temperatures can do a lot of damage to drone batteries, especially when the outdoor temperature is above 40°. When the internal temperature of the battery exceeds 45°C, it will directly damage the chemical balance inside the battery, which will directly lead to some side reactions of the internal molecules and affect the life of the battery.


But did you know? In fact, the low temperature is not less harmful to the battery. Most of the drone batteries on the market today belong to the category of high rate lithium batteries, and the direct effect of low temperature on this type of battery is that the discharge performance of the battery will be substantially decayed, which is what we commonly call the failure to reach the rate capability.


The electrodes and electrolyte are considered the heart of the battery and if the temperature drops, the reaction rate of the electrodes drops along with it. If the battery's own voltage remains constant, then as the temperature drops, the battery's own power output will also decrease, and the diffusion of lithium ions in the carbon cathode will be slower, making it easier for lithium to precipitate out, or 'lithium precipitation' as it is known in the industry.

Lithium precipitation - lithium can not be charged at temperatures below 0 ℃, although it will show normal charging, but there will be lithium metal precipitation phenomenon on the surface of the anode, this process is irreversible.If the batteries are  constantly charged at low temperatures, the batteries will be damaged, the safety of the batteries will be reduced, especially by external extrusion, impact, etc.

When the battery is in low temperature, try not to charge it directly, it is best to use physical heating and wait until the battery temperature rises to about 10°C before charging. As for discharging, this is not required (In low temperature, the discharge performance is reduced, the current cannot reach the take-off requirements for the drone, so the drone cannot fly anyway).

Remember to be very gentle with the drone batteries at low temperature conditions, collisions and extrusions can damage the batteries very badly.

When storing drone batteries in sub-zero temperatures for long periods of time, it is recommended that the batteries are placed in a sealed explosion-proof box with a temperature environment of 10°C ~ 25°C.


Therefore, the temperature for the overall impact of the battery is very huge, the UAV industry partners should all be aware that only when the battery temperature is well controlled can the battery life be longer.


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