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Three-axis Gimbal Camera Combo 18X Optical Zoom Camera


1、Three-axis Gimbal Camera Combo  Introduction

DE 8F high accuracy gimbal is specially designed for the 18x zoom camera. All the parameters of the gimbal are default well adjusted and you can directly use it.

Autostability on 3 directions: Horizontal, pitch, roll. The damping function is integrated design with the gimbal, and the damping effect is so impressive.

Available apply to many aerial video shooting areas such as public security, electricity, fire fighting etc.

2、Discriptrion for Gimbal Camera Combo


3、Spec for Gimbal Camera Combo

3.1  Physical Electrical Performance Parameters

Current: Quiescent current 330mA(@12V)
Dynamic current 450mA(@12V)
Voltage input: 3S~6S
Working temperature: -10 degree C ~ 50 degree C
Dimensions: L144*W85*H134mm
Weight: 694g(Including camera)

3.2  Performance Parameters

Pitch range: ±90deg
Roll range: ±45deg
Yaw range: ±150deg continuously rotate
Angle jitter: Pitch&Roll ±0.02deg; Yaw ±0.03deg

4、Demension for Gimbal Camera Combo


5、18X HD Optical Zoom Camera Introduction

DE 18F is with a professional aerial shooting 18x optical zoom camera, with fast auto focusing, HD 1080P video, 4megapixel image quality. Internal has two-channel video stream, one channel 1080P30FPS local H.264 compression, stored in the device, another output 1080P60PFS format for HDMI signal, used for wireless image transmission, designed for aerial photography application features. Focus fast, functional integration, exquisite size, support PWM and serial port control

6、Features for 18X HD Optical Zoom Camera

Tiny Body Super Zoom

Using 1/3in 4megapixel CMOS sensor, with focal range f=4.85~82mm. The camera is comparatively very tiny while it can zoom 18 times to capture more details.

Fast Focusing

Focusing time<1s, specially designed fast focus algorithm for multicopter aerial video shooting.

Ultra Wide Dynamic

Using 105dB wide dynamic enables the camera to capture clear views under whether backlighting, highlight, bright or dark circumstances.

Ultra Low Illuminance

The camera is able to capture clear views under low light level circumstance.

Output interface

Using HDMI Output, support HDMI 1.3 standard. Hardware interface adopts standard HDMI signal output socket, 1080P local storage, 1080P HDMI outpt.

Special Port

Support PWM signal control (Using remote controller to control the zooming)

Image Adjustment

Support flip vertical/horizontal, still image, auto white balance, auto gain, auto color correction

Working Temperature

Wide working temperature range: -10deg C ~ 55deg C

Control Protocol

Support for PWM and serial port control

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