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More than 20,000 people have been killed in the Turkish earthquake and drones have opened up air access to help with the quake rescue

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On 6 February, two earthquakes of 7.8 magnitude struck Turkey, causing significant casualties and property damage in both Turkey and Syria. So far, the strong earthquakes have killed over 20,000 people in both Turkey and Syria. Turkish Vice President Oktay said that 17,674 people were killed and 72,879 injured in Turkey. Officials and medics said 3,377 people were killed in Syria.

The golden 72 hours have passed and experts are concerned that the number of victims could rise significantly. Depending on injuries, entrapment, availability of air and water, and weather conditions, those trapped in the collapsed building may only last a week or so.


Officials have also warned that snowfall and lack of water, communications and electricity supplies could lead to a deadly secondary disaster. The most urgent need is for winter warmth, says Laloud, emergency response coordinator in Turkey for humanitarian organisation CARE, adding that electricity and telephone communications remain unstable and that cold, hunger and misery are gripping thousands of homeless people.


With the destruction of the environment, earthquake disasters are occurring more and more frequently around the world, which not only seriously threatens the lives and property of many people, but also affects the stability of society, and with the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence and other high technology, the intelligent rescue represented by drones is gradually appearing in the front line of disaster rescue, which replaces manned aircraft such as helicopters and transport aircraft for aerial rescue.


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are characterised by low manufacturing costs, ease of operation for rescue workers and high flexibility. They play an important role in mapping the terrain, monitoring the disaster area in real time, building communication base stations, and delivering supplies and medical equipment.

So how do drones perform their duties in an earthquake. In fact, the drones can already start working before the earthquake occurs. Because of their good mobility, faster and more precise transmission of information, the drones have an advantage in earthquake disaster prevention, which allows them to carry out all-weather earthquake reconnaissance and high-frequency patrol monitoring in earthquake-prone areas, providing an additional reliable guarantee for earthquake early warning work.


After an earthquake landslides, house collapses, or causes mudslides and other disasters lead to rescue can not be the first to grasp the situation in the disaster area, in the disaster situation often remote sensing will also be affected by the weather can not accurately reflect the disaster situation, and the UAV can quickly obtain high-resolution positive photographic images, generate the DOM data of the disaster area, through the wireless communication network, the information it obtains real-time transmission to the rescue command centre, so that the first time to deploy effective solutions.



In the disaster site, in order to better improve the efficiency of the rescue, we need to ensure the smooth communication signal of the disaster area, for the complex terrain after the disaster, compared to the work of human restoration of communication, for drones to come much simpler, the use of drones equipped with communication relay equipment to restore communication signals, so that the rescue work is carried out more smoothly. The situation on the front line can be transmitted to the command centre at the first time, which is very important in disaster relief work.


In the near future, the use of drones in earthquake relief may become more widespread and diverse, and Digital Eagle's exploration and modification of drones will strive to break through the shackles and make them useful in more areas.


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