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Military fan jailed for illegally filming Fujian ship with drone Ensuring national security is a top priority

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At the end of 2021, when the Fujian ship will be launched out of the dock caused widespread concern and attracted the attention of military enthusiasts, Luo is one of them.

As a military fan, Luo often goes to military equipment exhibitions around the country, taking photos of various types of military equipment and sharing them in various military fan networking groups. This time, Luo deliberately purchased the latest model of drone with remote HD camera function to photograph the Fujian ship.


The Fujian ship has publicly released photos in the media and on the internet, and this public information gave Luo the false impression that the Fujian ship could be photographed at will. Luo said, "Being able to see the Fujian ship with my own eyes would have been a better talking point in military fan circles. I didn't think much about it at the time, so I just shot it."

Luo was discovered by the state security authorities while illegally filming the Fujian ship, and the Shanghai State Security Bureau immediately rushed to the scene to deal with the situation. The photos and videos taken by Luo were identified by the relevant authorities as involving two classified-level military secrets and one secret-level military secret. Once this information was obtained by the foreign forces, it would become the "basis" for them to judge the performance of the aircraft carrier and speculate on the technical level and construction process. In the end, Luo paid the price for his actions, and was sentenced to one year's imprisonment, suspended for one year, for the crime of illegally obtaining state secrets.


For the military, secrecy has always been a matter of life and death, a matter of national security and the interests of the people, a matter of the general situation of military construction and the success or failure of military preparation.

When it comes to national security, we often say that ensuring national security is a top priority and emphasize that everyone is responsible for safeguarding national security. But what can we do to safeguard national security? What do we need to be aware of? This is a point of confusion for many people. Some people think that keeping secrets is the responsibility of the official authorities and has little to do with them.

But are leaks really far away? Recently, the State Secrets Bureau released a propaganda film Secrets Hidden in Photos that may give you some thoughts. You may be surprised to learn that when you travel, what amazes you is the beautiful scenery, but what attracts others is the positioning of the post; when you work, what touches you is the busy meeting, but what attracts others is the confidential notes; when you walk, what shocks you is the speeding fleet, but what attracts others is the weaponry. Unbeknownst to you, those seemingly ordinary photos or videos uploaded online, once targeted by people with ulterior motives, will be infinitely magnified and likely to leak classified and sensitive information such as military locations, experimental data, meeting records, weaponry, etc., eventually leading to irreparable consequences and causing unbearable losses.


Therefore in recent years drone jamming have also become an important part of state secrecy. Digital Eagle QR-07S3 mainly controls drones in flight by emitting high power electromagnetic waves, cutting off the connection between the drone and the remote controller from a distance to safeguard the low altitude airspace in the region. The QR series drone jamming equipment has successfully passed the Ministry of Public Security's testing and quality is guaranteed. As a drone interception device, the QR-07S3 is simple and quick to operate, with a built-in battery, one key to turn on the power, one key to switch modes, two steps to start working, so that illegal flyers have nowhere to hide!


Digital Eagle QR-12 position-based UAV jamming system is capable of detecting UAV targets flying within an airspace of no less than 8km, ensuring full protection from no-fly zones. Unlike other UAV jamming systems on the market, which are large, heavy, difficult to transport and have a complex structure and high failure rate, Digital Eagle QR-12 is modular and easy to install and transport. It is also equipped with automatic strike devices, and multiple configurations can accurately locate illegal drones and even flyers, with a simple system structure that makes it easier for the operator to get to grips with, and 24-hour automatic monitoring.


It can be said that security and confidentiality is a topic that never goes out of fashion and is always new. I would also like to remind you that in the information age the Internet has become an important channel for countries to obtain open source intelligence, a little carelessness in personal preferences may become a way for foreign spy agencies to collect intelligence. Tighten the strings of secrecy, build a secrecy defense line, and guard the security of our country.


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