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Man caught by drone dancing after setting off Kong Ming lanterns turns into a center of the square

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On January 30, a man in Zhoukou, Henan Province, violated the law by putting up a KongMing lantern, which unexpectedly was not yet released, was found by a police drone in the air and kept shining a searchlight on him to warn him not to put it up, but he still insisted on putting up the lantern. The police station in the area said that it is not allowed to set off the lanterns in public. Ms Liu, a witness, said the man was later illuminated by the drone and danced in public.

At present, the technological revolution and industrial change with a new generation of information technology at its core is accelerating, and economic and social development is facing a new situation of digital transformation. And with its inherent characteristics of mobility, flexibility and adaptive height, UAVs and their system platforms have very important potential applications in the digitalisation process of urban management. However, in the face of the severe and complex security situation, although the advantages of police unmanned aerial vehicles in combat applications are obvious, the problems and weaknesses of police unmanned aerial vehicle application areas in the process of combat are gradually exposed because the development of police unmanned aerial vehicles in China has yet to mature. 1. The number of drones is not equal to the number of flyers, and there is often a state of unmanned drones or flyers without drones; 2. It is impossible to achieve truly fully automatic autonomous operation; 3. The timeliness of unexpected situations is weak; 4. The business coverage area is limited.


In order to solve these problems, Digital Eagle Technology has been developing professional police drone nests as an important pivot point for the promotion of drones in the police field. 2022, Digital Eagle Technology aims at the goal of ‘full-area layout, panoramic coverage, and full-dimensional perception’ and joins hands with Wuxi City LiangXi Public Security Bureau to build ‘The Square Cabin Eagle Nest’ will be launched in the whole district of LiangXi District to ensure the return of images from the police in 3 minutes. The drones rely on the eagle nests to carry out automatic take-off and landing cruising tasks, echoing with the actual street-level soldiers in the air and on the ground, and complementing the integration of the ubiquitous sensing network to build a new pattern of active attack, attack and defense.


At present, through the trial run at Zhongshan Road Police Station, the Digital Eagle ‘Eagle Eye’ drone has made a total of 78 landings and takeoffs, participating in various tasks such as social patrol, public security supervision, traffic order regulation, epidemic prevention and control, etc. It has found a total of 67 flying line problems, supported community sealing and control and full nucleic acid testing 31 times.


The full use of police drones to obtain a panoramic view and flexible perspective, multi-dimensional, dynamic inspection and monitoring of the overall situation of law and order on the surface, to achieve no dead ends, full time and space control of the jurisdiction of law and order.


Data collection is carried out in daily duties to build a visualized, intelligent and dynamic three-dimensional model of the urban area, creating a twin base of public security data and laying a solid foundation for digital policing and intelligent policing.


For different real-life needs and real-world application scenarios, the use of drones in emergencies to shorten the rescue time deep, the maximum empowerment of police response to the police, the handling of unexpected police situations and other police combat.


In the future, Digital Eagle will work together with local governments to establish a comprehensive management platform for the city's 5G+ UAS, undertake intensive internal operation management and services for the UAS, realize centralized purchase and storage of government drones and unified configuration, provide flight collaboration services for urban governance, land mapping, environmental management, rescue and relief, and effectively improve the professionalism and efficiency of government drone use.


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