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Investment in agricultural plant protection UAV, what will you gain?
Three UAVs for more than 3 years, plant protection service harvest million billion yuan!
Plant protection UAV investment 15 days, return is more than 32 times!
A decade precipitation, drone units with the government to establish mixed ownership companies
The digital eagle is a price tag, in partnership with UAV such as aopa, and many heavyweight customers, including China aerospace and national defense science and technology.
Proximal national earth station software copyright
The first national drone manufacturer to provide insurance and third-party liability insurance
Has applied for nearly 100 national patents, patent folding technology, automatic operating interface, radar ranging fixed high different specifications.
Overseas sales have become scale. Investment in Brazil
China - Pakistan cooperation project signed, Brazil investment 8 million dollars.
Establish long-term agency relationship with Korea
With the maturity of UAV in the field of aerial photography, the market of industrial grade UAV is further developed. For example police security, power line patrol, fire long time, special police officer, etc. At present, more than 150 police combat units in 25 provinces of the country have more than 1300 UAV systems, their customization needs exceed 10 billion yuan; The national annual power line patrol is around 24 times, and the UAV power transmission line is expected by 2020, the market value of which is more than 5.5 billion yuan; A city using drones for urban management, monitoring the construction cost budget of nearly 7 million yuan, 661 cities in the country, 1636 county market scale can reach 5 billion yuan.
Digital eagle technology security unmanned aerial vehicle system, multifunctional integrated design, suitable for a variety of complex operating environment, has been monitored by the indicators of the Ministry of public security. Now facing the national scope, the units with security products sales channels become strategic partners, together to build a" harmonious society - safe city ".

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Jiangsu Digital Eagle Technology Development Co.,Ltd
is located in Wuxi, which is a high-tech company with ability
to develop flight control system.


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