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How to solve the chaos of illegal drone flight? Digital Eagle helps develop low altitude skyway

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Along with the rapid development of drone technology, drone application scenarios are becoming more and more widespread and the market scale continues to grow rapidly. Statistics show that there are more than 12,000 drone companies in China in 2021, with the total industry output reaching RMB 87 billion. The low-altitude economy, represented by drones, is expected to become a new engine to drive social and economic growth.


However, with the dramatic increase in the use of consumer drones, the number of safety incidents caused by illegal flying and indiscriminate flying has gradually increased and has become a new problem hovering over the city. Why is it important to counteract drones?

1. Drones fall and injure people

Drones are subject to the constraints of wind and weather conditions and their own load-bearing capacity during flight, which may cause them to fall and injure people when used improperly.

2. Stopping illegal flying

In 2017 drones disrupted the order of Chengdu airport, causing a very serious impact, and in this regard the discussion on illegal flight has reached a climax. The phenomenon of black flying of drones not only affects the safety and orderliness of low-altitude airways, but also limits the healthy and sustainable development of civil UAS, and the scientific regulation of drones are becoming increasingly important.


3. Drones are used by the wrong people

Drones have the characteristics of convenience, concealment and destructive power and are therefore very easy to be used by some unscrupulous people as a tool to survey the environment and carry dangerous and harmful items. This, coupled with the ease of access and the large choice of prices, makes them an easy tool for criminals to commit crimes and makes reconnaissance and supervision more difficult, thus causing a social security crisis and psychological panic among the people.

4. Prying into the privacy of others

For example, criminals might break into people's homes, snoop on their privacy, eavesdropping and filming. When drones carrying cameras turn into surveillance tools, snooping and spying over people's hard-to-reach heads, the victims are often overwhelmed.


For this reason, anti-drone systems are also a product of the booming drone industry. In June last year, a forest fire broke out in California, the fire spread rapidly at the same time, the government quickly sent more helicopters to put out the fire, but due to the fire over the drone to watch and cause the helicopter emergency landing, in an emergency, firefighters had to use high-pressure water cannon to shoot down the drone to ensure that the helicopter emergency rescue work can be carried out smoothly.

This year, two teenage girls in Kentucky, USA, were sunbathing at home when they spotted a drone hovering overhead. After learning of the incident, the girls' father grabbed a shotgun and shot the drone down, perhaps preferring to give the drone's operator a good beating rather than let it crash to the ground.

In fact, unpopular drones don't just annoy humans. Last year, a small drone flying low to observe kangaroos was attacked by a larger kangaroo, bringing the drone down, and this year, a small drone was attacked by an eagle during flight and crashed straight down, all of which were recorded by the camera on the drone and posted to video sites.


Boeing, on the other hand, has taken a slightly more subdued technical approach. Boeing has developed a laser cannon specifically designed to blast drones. Boeing used the laser to burn a hole in the shell of a stationary drone. After only two seconds in full power mode, the drone's casing caught fire. Boeing believes that the best way to destroy a drone is to burn a hole through it with a precision laser and send it crashing through the air.

The laser cannon's emitter and ready-made gimbal (which allows the laser emitter and camera to be aimed in any direction) make it possible to precisely target any part of a drone. Let's say if you just want to burn the tail off the drone, let it crash, and then pick up the fuselage to study it and see who is trying to spy on you. Not coincidentally, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics has also developed a device with similar functionality.


Of course, with the development of technology, Digital Eagle has developed a number of UAV countermeasures that are more suitable for urban security use. The Digital Eagle QR-12 position-based UAV countermeasure system is capable of detecting UAV targets flying within an airspace of no less than 8km, ensuring comprehensive protection of no-fly areas. Unlike other UAV countermeasures on the market, which are large, heavy, difficult to transport and have a complex structure and high failure rate, the Digital Eagle QR-12 is modular and easy to install, making it easier to transport. It is also equipped with automatic strike countermeasures, and multiple configurations can accurately locate illegal drones and even flyers, making the system structure simple and easier for operators to get to grips with and monitor 24 hours a day.


The Digital Eagle QR-07S3 is designed to control drones in flight by emitting high-powered electromagnetic waves, cutting off contact between the drones and the remote controllers from a distance, and creating an air barrier to ensure the safety of low-altitude airspace in the region. The QR series of UAV countermeasures have been successfully tested by the Ministry of Public Security and shortlisted in the 012 procurement catalogue.


As the saying goes, the sword is a foot taller than the devil, and as drones can rise quickly, so can anti-drone technology. Of course, there are thousands of uses for drones, but you can't go astray and cross the line, otherwise, you'll suffer the consequences.


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