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From aerial photography tool to smart city infrastructure. Drone autopilot empowers productivity

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According to a report by Avery, China's drone market is expected to exceed $70 billion by 2025. As a product of the high technology content of the information age, the value of drones lies in replacing humans to complete various aerial tasks that cannot be completed by human beings alone. Taking inspection as an example, compared to manual patrols, drones have become an important tool in the field of industrial inspection and patrol with their high altitude and flexible vision and mobility without terrain restrictions.

However, with the advent of the digital city era, the demand for drone patrol applications has also ushered in a new inflection point. However, in the actual application of industrial drones, there are a series of problems such as insufficient staffing and uneven technical levels that lead to poor accuracy and consistency, resulting in industrial drones being hindered from the production line to the operating scenes, and only becoming an auxiliary tool for inspection patrols in the industrial field, and their potential has not really been brought into play.


If drones can automate operations, free from the limitations imposed by staffing, cost, technology and management, the upper limit of industrial drone applications will be infinitely higher, and drones will ascend to their original attributes, transforming from an aerial photography and entertainment tool to an infrastructure that empowers productivity, the root of this transformation coming from the liberation of manpower.

The Digital Eagle UAV nest - with UAV storage as well as release and recovery and recharge functions - allows the UAV to be deployed directly to the operational site, solving the problem of manually carrying the UAV for commuting. The biggest advantage of on-site deployment is that it enhances the emergency operational capability of the UAV and the operational efficiency is significantly improved. When it's not in operation, the drone stands by in the automatic airport; when it's in operation, the airport hatch opens, the lift platform rises to the top and the drone automatically flies out for operations.


What are the essential features of the Digital Eagle drone nest?

Drone charging

After solving the storage function, we also need to solve the problem of charging the UAV. Currently, the Digital Eagle UAV nest has a contact charging method, when the UAV lands, the nest components will clamp the UAV, and the charging interface on the UAV will carry out contact charging to meet the outdoor deployment, storage, automatic take-off and landing of the UAV and battery charging.

Airfield internal temperature regulation and weather detection capabilities

The control of the temperature inside the airport is particularly important, as the drone battery can only be charged and discharged properly at an external temperature range of 0 to 45 degrees. The Digital Eagle UAV nest is equipped with an intelligent temperature control system to enable it to operate normally in extreme summer heat. The nest is also equipped with weather detection equipment such as rain and snow sensors. In an unattended state, the nest is able to observe real-time external weather information, and in case of extreme weather such as heavy rain, snow and thunderstorms, it can automatically judge the take-off environment to ensure safe drone flights.


High performance protection and weather detection capabilities

As the nest is stored outdoors for long periods of time it is extremely protective against snakes and rats entering the interior of the nest and preventing them from causing damage to the electronic equipment. It also has to be highly adaptable to extreme weather and meet the conditions of use in many environments. In particular, weather climates such as snowstorms, rainstorms and thunderstorms. In addition, in the unattended state, the automated airport needs to observe external real-time weather information, such as wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity and other weather data, and automatically determine the take-off environment to ensure the safety of UAV flights.

Aiming at the goal of "full-area layout, panoramic coverage and full-dimensional perception", Digital Eagle Technology has joined hands with Wuxi Liangxi Public Security Bureau to create a "square cabin eagle's nest", and has placed several drone "eagle's nests" throughout the region "to ensure that there are images to be transmitted back to the police in 3 minutes. The future drones will rely on the digital eagle drone nest to perform automatic take-off and landing cruising tasks, echoing with the street level real soldiers in the air and ground, and complementing the integration of the ubiquitous sensing network to build up a new pattern of active attack, attack and defence prevention and control.


Now that digital infrastructure and smart cities are developing rapidly, the attributes of drones will be redefined. The application of drone nests will turn drones from aerial photography tools into infrastructure for smart cities, grid-based management of infrastructure, natural environment, traffic and security, and automatic flight systems for drones become an important tool for the digitalization and online construction of new cities, with automatic flight empowering productivity.


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