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Fire prevention and disaster relief, Digital Eagle drones help intelligent forest firefighting

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According to statistics, there are thousands of forest fires on average in China in calendar years, and the overfire area is up to millions of hectares, accounting for about 4-8% of the entire forest in China, and the government needs to spend a lot of money, material and human resources to fight these fires. If forest fires are not extinguished in time, it is difficult to ensure that they will not threaten the fragile ecosystem and the livelihood and production safety of the people. Forest fires are sudden, widespread and difficult to deal with. How to detect and fight forest fires in a timely manner, and how to minimize more damage due to rapid spread is a pressing problem before people's eyes.


The current status of the use of drones in forest fire prevention

Conventional forest fire control and monitoring techniques are achieved by using machines or people to control the surrounding environment, although the human cost of such techniques is still very high.

With the rapid development of computer and digital camera technologies, it enables computer vision-based remote sensing systems to provide strong support for conventional forest fire monitoring and detection systems. Current forest fire monitoring technologies are generally classified into ground and near-ground monitoring, aircraft surveillance, radar monitoring, satellite remote sensing combined with GIS monitoring, and wireless medium sensor network information technology.


Problems of traditional forest firefighting

Forest firefighting technical means generally have vertical fighting method, wind fire extinguishing method, chemical drug fire extinguisher method, deep water fire extinguishing method, blasting fire extinguishing method, etc. Such fire extinguishing methods have better control effect for small-scale fire, but are limited by the monitoring range of ground monitoring facilities, communication satellite control system in the path calculation and information technology update is not agile enough, space picture clarity is not enough to achieve more detailed data signal Capture conditions and other issues, often the development of forest fires can be monitored when the firefighters rushed to the scene of the fire using the above methods to extinguish the fire has become very difficult. The cost of manned flight monitoring is very high, and forest farms can hardly afford the costs incurred by their high-frequency operations, and in addition, the personal life of the pilot may suffer from the risks of fire rescue and the fatigue factor of the operator.


UAV hangars help automate drone forest firefighting operations

The use of forest firefighting drones equipped with a drone hangar has become a more practical option. It provides high-speed inspection, fast feedback and low-cost solutions for forest fire prevention, for monitoring, detecting and even eliminating forest fires. And the drone's complex fire incident environment allows it to get closer to the point of fire, detect the situation in advance and improve the safety of firefighters. The Digital Eagle fully automated UAV inspection system can be flexibly deployed in forest parks and forestry prevention and control areas. Users only need to set up the patrol flight route in the office, and the UAV system can complete the automatic takeoff and landing of the UAV, image acquisition, battery charging, etc. The whole system is completely deployed in the field environment, allowing the UAV to achieve complete unmanned work. The entire system is completely deployed in the field environment, allowing the UAV to achieve complete unmanned operations.




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