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Drones on the move - Chongqing police find out the truth about throwing objects from a height in 15 minutes

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At 10:00 on March 5, Chongqing Bishan District Public Security Bureau Biquan Police Station received a referral from the command centre that the private car in the area was smashed by a falling object. The police officer Guo Hongcheng, who was on patrol nearby, quickly rushed to the scene of the incident and found that the car was smashed out of the pit, and there were several pebbles scattered around the scene.

After investigation found that may be involved in throwing objects from a height of the community building has 33 floors, facing the side of the throwing objects from a height of households, each floor has four households, the amount of investigation is very large, Bichun police station sent four police officers knocking into homes to investigate more than two hours, did not obtain any effective clues. In the process of investigation, the police received two more people in the same district, one of them said their children's heads were injured by a pebble falling from above, and the other said his car was also damaged by the same falling object.

At 14:00, the police investigation is still nothing, taking into account the high altitude throwing object may lose evidence, in order to speed up the investigation, Bishan District Public Security  request drone brigade to use police drones to assist in the investigation. After receiving the instruction, police drone brigade police officer XuKaiFang quickly arrived at the scene to determine the scene of the object thrown from a height is white pebbles, and then aerial photography of the building involved in the throwing of objects one by one to investigate.


In 15 minutes, the drone found a clue that a flower pot on the balcony of an occupant on the 26th floor was littered with white pebbles that were highly similar to the results of several pebble comparisons thrown down. The police immediately rushed to the home of the corresponding occupant on the 26th floor for a home visit and questioned one of the occupants of the home, Jiang.

It is reported that the day Jiang and two grandsons at home, the older grandson followed her in the kitchen cooking, the younger grandson took advantage of its inattention to run to the balcony to play, the flower pot pebbles thrown out of the balcony, resulting in the incident. Because the throwing child is now 4 years old, a minor, the police contacted his parents on the spot, the children throwing objects from a height of dangerous behavior to criticize and educate parents of the dangerous consequences of throwing objects from a height and need to bear the legal responsibility, and ordered parents to discipline their children.

After mediation by the police, the parents of the child took the initiative to apologize to the owner and the injured person, saying that they were willing to bear all the repair and medical costs of the two damaged vehicles and the injured person, and several people reached a settlement. The incident is currently being further negotiated.


In order to further optimise police combat capabilities, effectively strengthen the overall prevention and control of the social surface, and effectively deter criminal activities, public security units in all provinces and cities are now actively exploring the use of drones in daily patrols by adopting the ground-air collaborative operation mode of drones and street patrols. Once the situation is discovered, ground patrol officers will immediately receive and rush to dispose of the situation, which greatly enhances the ground police force's ability to prevent and control the overall security situation in the area.

In 2022, Digital Eagle Technology aims to achieve the goal of "all-area layout, panoramic coverage and all-dimensional perception", and will work together with the Wuxi Liangxi Public Security Bureau to build a square cabin eagle's nest, which will ensure that there will be images back to the police in 3 minutes. The drones rely on the eagle nest to carry out automatic take-off and landing cruises, echoing with the street-level soldiers in the air and on the ground, and complementing the integration of the ubiquitous sensing network to build a new pattern of active attack, offense and defense.



Regular air patrol mechanism

The use of police drones to obtain a panoramic view and a flexible perspective, multi-dimensional, dynamic inspection and monitoring of the overall situation of law and order on the surface, to achieve no dead ends, full time and space control of the jurisdiction of law and order.


Permanent data collection mechanism

Data collection is carried out in daily duties to build a visualized, intelligent and dynamic three-dimensional model of the urban area, creating a twin base of public security big data and laying a solid foundation for digital policing and intelligent policing.


 Permanent real-world empowerment mechanism

For different real-life needs and real-world application scenarios, the use of drones in emergencies to shorten the rescue time deep, the maximum empowerment of police response to the police, the handling of unexpected police situations and other police combat.


Last but not least, I would like to remind all parents with children to set an example and teach their children not to throw objects from height in their daily lives, so as to help them establish good safety habits and not to regret when they have to pay for the lack of supervision.]


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