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Drones 'give wings' to digital oilfields. Oil well inspection starts in "smart mode"

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When you think of drones, what comes to mind? Aerial photography, seeding and spraying, reconnaissance and surveillance, delivery, disaster assistance ......If you think that's all drones can do, you are thinking too little of them.

Not long ago, an aerial version of 'The fast and the furious' in DaQing Oilfield - remote sensing information, digital oilfield drone skills competition allowed people to know that, as one of the strategic emerging industries, from safety and environmental monitoring to intelligent site applications, from three-dimensional modeling to oil and water well and pipeline inspection, from power operation and maintenance inspection, production facilities inspection to production emergency command, drones have been applied in many areas of the oilfield, to achieve full coverage of all units.

In accordance with the three-step strategy of 'digitalization, intelligence and wisdom', drones are opening up an aerial battlefield for the digital transformation of the oilfield.


Drones achieve full coverage of oilfield production operations

Aerial photography is the simplest function of a drone, but with the development of technology it is now capable of identifying dirty oil and detecting natural gas ...... Drones have become an irreplaceable clairvoyant for oilfield inspections. In terms of pipeline inspections, UAV inspections also have many advantages over traditional manual inspections. Firstly, drones are fast, mobile and flexible, which can reduce staff labor intensity and improve work efficiency. Secondly, drones are suitable for inspection in special areas where personnel or vehicles cannot reach in time, and can obtain a variety of data such as color images, surveillance videos and thermal infrared images, enabling regular census and detailed inspection of key areas along pipelines. Thirdly, they can solve the safety problems of staff under adverse conditions. In the case of the QingXin oilfield, for example, a 3,000-metre-long section of oil and water well pipeline would take two people in the oil and water well operation team half a day to complete the inspection under good road and climate conditions, while a drone would take only 20 minutes to complete.


At the same time, drones are not only a good helper in line patrol and production, but are also a good assistant for oilfield security inspections in "land-air linkage" operations. The reconnaissance drones can fly to villages and forested areas, making it easy to inspect the area around oilfield facilities.

Converging with new technologies drones will have a bright future

In recent years, as the scale of production becomes larger and larger, the number of oilfield pipelines is increasing. At the same time, the number of aging personnel and attrition increases, and problems such as leakage due to corrosion and perforation of old pipelines gradually increase. Digital Eagle Technology plans to build the UAV business control and spatial data support platform, a high real-time, wide coverage, intelligent oilfield data monitoring mode. Focusing on building a complete oil and gas industry UAV technical service team, and continue to improve the market development, data results analysis and other comprehensive strength.


The digitally intelligent economy has become a major part in economic development. As a flexible technology with wide boundaries for the expansion of intelligent application scenarios, drones are playing an increasingly important role in the oil industry.


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