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Drones Help with Road Surveys and Traffic Control

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A drone slowly rose over the intersection of Zhen Xing and Gu Cheng Lake North Roads in Nanjing GaoChun district. This was the first time GaoChun Traffic police had used drones to survey road safety conditions. The separation of man and the drone as well as long-distance control can be realized by high altitude 3D recording technology. Once the drone has taken an aerial photo it can be wirelessly transmitted to the police on the ground who can then draw and print real-time photos of the road condition. The whole process only takes a few minutes.


With the rapid development of the economy in recent years, China's car ownership has been increasing and road traffic accidents have been on the rise year on year, because of this an already strained traffic system has been put under ever increasing pressure. The safety and smooth flow of road traffic is closely related to people's well-being and the emergence of drone technology can effectively assist traffic management departments to enhance traffic management and improve traffic operations. For complex road conditions, drones provide an obvious advantage in being able to quickly survey a scene and provide aerial maps depicted in three-dimensions and in ultra high quality and clear picture, these factors can help greatly reduce the workload of local traffic police.


The Digital Eagle SK series drones not only assist traffic police to carry out on-site road condition surveys, but can also independently patrol and monitor road conditions. The drones can offer all-terrain coverage, multi-perspective and an overall intuitive display of road traffic conditions. The use of drones has been extended to the field of road traffic management and made the combination of "road patrol" and "air patrol" for traffic duties a reality. The transition from "rough management" to "precise management" has further enhanced the level of technology in traffic management work.


Together with the professional UAV airport of Digital Eagle, the potential of automatic UAV patrols can be realized. Firstly, the portable automatic drone airport is deployed in a structured manner along the highway network. Secondly, in accordance with the preset task plan of the platform, the drone takes off independently and follows the pre-planned route, during its flight it carries out inspection tasks and once it finishes it will automatically return to the drone airport. The entire process can be carried out without any human intervention.


The drone can accurately locate and simultaneously track targets such as vehicles or roads, the collected images can be transmitted to the cloud AI identification system which can help to realize useful functions such as rapid analysis and recording of road violations and prompt intervention in the case of incidents.


The Digital Eagle UAV airport with the UAV's automatic patrol cloud system can offer an effective solution to the problem of the lack of trained traffic police for drone flying. It can also improve the frequency and quality of daily patrols. At the same time, it can arrive on the scene of sudden emergencies rapidly and effectively preventing secondary accidents and ensuring the safety of front-line traffic police staff.


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