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Drone autonomous inspection to build a firm transmission line, a safe power grid ensures winter power supply.

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Most of China's regions have a sharp cooling recently. In the face of extreme weather such as cold air, strong winds, heavy snow and freezing temperatures, not only will the demand for electricity rise significantly, but the safe and stable operation of the power system will also face challenges. In order to ensure the safety of power supply in winter, the State Grid Power Supply Company has adopted drones to carry out intelligent inspections of substations around the country, using the advantages of a wide field of view and flexibility to investigate and find equipment defects and hidden dangers, so as to provide reliable power protection for the city's winter power supply and guarantee that residents will have a warm winter.


However, the cold also caused a lot of problems for the staff to control the drones. The wind causes the drone to fly unstably, go to the inspection point to find the weather is not suitable for drone flight. Moreover, it's more difficult for the drone flyers to operate the drones properly due to the harsh weather. These problem have become the roadblock for the application of drone power inspection.

Of course, with the continuous improvement of drone technology, some of China's daily electric power inspections have  been gradually updating from manual inspection to drone inspection by manual operation and finally achieved intelligent and automatic drone inspection, which is smarter and safer. At the same time, the application of drone technology also provides higher quality and efficiency support for distribution line acceptance, fault patrol, flood control and rescue, etc.

The Digital Eagle UAV nest is suitable for regular operational patrols and infrastructure inspection mission scenarios for power inspections, providing real-time HD video for monitoring centers, automatic identification of abnormal targets and generating mission monitoring reports via 5G / 4G or network connectivity to cloud platforms.


Free up manpower and improve operational efficiency

With the combination of airborne AI control system, UAV automatic airport and cloud control system, unattended, offline task planning and remote refinement of high frequency permanent automatic inspection operations can be achieved. In accordance with the preset task plan of the platform, the UAV takes off independently, follows the inspection route planned based on high-precision 3D point cloud map information, carries out inspection tasks, and automatically lands and recovers after the task is completed, the whole process can be carried out without human intervention.


Flexible operation while improving the efficiency and quality of data analysis and defect diagnosis at a later stage

Thanks to RTK centimeter-level accurate positioning technology, the drone can hover at a specified location, use machine vision to autonomously identify important parts such as insulators and tower tops, adjust the shooting parameters and output the optimal capture images for transmission to the cloud-based defect identification system to identify defects and export defect reports.


In the past, the inspection work of winter power supply mainly relied on human inspection. Nowadays, the deep integration of intelligent technology and traditional operation and maintenance work, the inspection mode has been transformed to machine patrol and human patrol to promote three-dimensional inspection. In the future, Digital Eagle will work harder and innovate for a better tomorrow in order to expand the application area of drones.


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