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Digital Eagle Science Classroom

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The eye sees a thousand miles and the ear listens in all directions

Accurate firefighting and emergency response

Digital Eagle firefighting drones are showing their skills in various fields with their wing skills!

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Let's enter the Digital Eagle class to learn how drones can help modernize emergency rescue.


Natural disaster relief

As we all know, whenever a disaster occurs, it brings huge human and property losses. In this case, the emergence and application of drones can greatly improve rescue capabilities. UAVs mainly operate in the air, so on the one hand, they can get rid of various restrictions and quickly arrive at the disaster site; On the other hand, it can also carry out search and rescue in a larger range and more targeted from the air, making the search more accurate and the rescue more efficient. In addition, it can also prevent rescuers from being in distress.

Forest firefighting

In forest fires, firefighters are unable to quickly and effectively grasp the overall fire due to limited vision, coupled with uncertain factors such as wind direction and wind direction, and life safety is greatly threatened. It is difficult for the UAV fire command center to comprehensively and quickly learn and judge the fire situation and guide decision-making. After the fire situation is controlled, the task of checking the residual fire and smoldering fire points, and preventing re-ignition is arduous and urgent.

Urban fire protection

Urban buildings and residents are densely distributed, and once a fire occurs, the situation at the scene is complicated, which seriously threatens the personal safety of rescue personnel and nearby residents. It is difficult for rescuers to get close to the scene of the fire, and it is difficult for the rescue command center to understand the fire situation in real time. The fire rescue team immediately activated the drone to search for trapped people, and combined with the modeling software, quickly produced a three-dimensional model of the scene, which became an important basis for the formulation of rescue tactics.

Personnel search and rescue

In common scenarios such as water search and rescue, mountain search and rescue, the search area is large, the environment is complex, and it is extremely difficult to locate trapped people. Traditional search and rescue operations often use aimless carpet searches. Nowadays, with the joining of UAVs, search and rescue work has the advantages of high-altitude vision and agile movement, and the ability to obtain information has been greatly improved. At the same time, it also breaks through the limitation of night, and through the infrared sensor of the drone, it can quickly investigate and locate the target personnel. The drone can also be equipped with a shouter to continuously shout to the trapped people, guide the trapped people, and enhance the confidence of survival.

In summary, in the process of firefighting and rescue, the rapid and accurate technical application of UAVs can effectively improve the rescue effect and reduce the influence of other interference factors. In the actual firefighting and rescue, the UAV can also assist the on-site command to scientifically formulate the rescue plan, and at the same time, provide corresponding help according to the actual needs.


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