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Digital Eagle Aerial City Management - Helping to improve the quality and efficiency of urban management

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Buzz buzz buzz, drones up in the sky, transformed into aerial city management, the sky shot, ground patrol, collect all kinds of urban management problems, now in many places drones have become the normal work of the city management department. To help refine urban management, in recent years, urban management departments around the city continue to innovate in law enforcement, the full use of drones and other equipment, the formation of three-dimensional inspection mode, solve the urban management problems, to further extend the height, breadth and precision of urban management.


Tackling the difficulties of enforcement to eradicate urban chaos

In recent years, urban management departments around the world have made full use of the advantages of drones to save time and energy and introduced aerial photography technology into the management of illegal construction, the treatment of rubbish-free areas, the construction of exquisite cities and other work, so that the city's dirty and disorderly, rubbish accumulation and other chaos can be rectified, effectively solving the series of problems of fewer managers and difficult law enforcement, difficult to obtain evidence and difficult to eradicate, helping to weave a tight inspection network and optimize the quality of fine supervision.

In old communities, where illegal structures abound, managers have used drones to root out those that are unknown but threaten the safety of nearby residents. Previously, many of the illegal structures here were difficult for the city management department to find, evidence and investigate because of their hidden nature. In order to crack the embarrassing dilemma of law enforcement, the law enforcement team used aerial drone technology to go deep into the hinterland and conduct aerial patrols with no dead ends and full coverage. When illegal structures are found, the demolition process is immediately initiated and efficiently rectified, exposing the hidden corners to the sun and leaving no place for illegal structures to hide.


By enabling drones to carry out urban management information collection, city management departments can eliminate the blind spots that existed in previous flat inspections, and the timeliness of case dispatch and disposal has also been greatly enhanced. In the past, information collectors could only collect urban management issues such as urban order, environmental hygiene, off-store operations and illegal structures by means of foot patrols and complaints on the city management hotline. However, in areas where the collection situation is more complex, there are often blind spots that cannot be reached by manpower. However, with the use of drones with high-definition image shooting capabilities for urban management information collection, urban management information collection work to achieve full coverage of water, land and air inspections. By means of regular information collection by drones at high altitude and additional road video intelligent collection vehicles, multi-dimensional information collection channels are expanded to comprehensively carry out high altitude inspection of urban management, prevention and control of illegal construction and other work to effectively improve the level of urban management.


Empowering urban governance to build safety

During the epidemic prevention and control period, the city management departments around the city use drones to effectively monitor and remind and admonish the behavior of unauthorized going out, not wearing masks, violating the order of the nucleic acid testing sampling site, etc., to build a smart defense for the safety of the people's lives. 'Warmly reminded, everyone is responsible for preventing and controlling the epidemic. For your health and the health of others, wash your hands regularly, wear a mask, go out less and gather less ......'


In recent years, drones have also been seen in gas inspections. In Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, the Huangxiang Street Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau uses drones to carry out regular gas inspections in the district. The gas security system is constructed through a combination of aerial shouting from drones and ground inspections. The restaurant users who use gas in the district carry out dragnet-type inspection and rectification to ensure that no one is left out, and the hidden problems found in the inspection are promptly urged to rectify, so as to build a solid gas safety bottom line.

Improve the working mechanism to enhance the management level

In order to give full play to the role of aerial city management by drones, many urban management departments have set up drone enforcement teams. The use of aerial drone technology in urban management has changed the previous "flat inspection" approach to carry out all-round, three-dimensional, seamless inspections and spot monitoring, further improving the effectiveness of three-dimensional urban management enforcement and investigation, and building an aerial bridge to serve the public. At the same time, drones in the form of air city management, all kinds of problems in the form of pictures to the responsible units for the establishment of a coordinated and efficient video monitoring, emergency command, mobile law enforcement and other intelligent management system, to promote the organic combination of information technology and urban management applications.



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