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Aerial patrols by drones, building up winter forest fire prevention network

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Since the beginning of autumn and winter, the cold spell and dry weather have brought forest fire prevention into a critical period. In order to prevent and reduce the occurrence of forest fires, the Jiuxiang Police of the Hanyuan County Public Security Bureau in Sichuan Province makes full use of modern technology, using human patrols + drone patrols and other methods, human + technical prevention, air + ground combination to improve the efficiency of forest fire inspection and early warning capabilities, three-dimensional weaving of forest fire protection network.


On the basis of an auxiliary patrol check in each village ,Jiuxiang police integrated command room police, auxiliary police weekly use of drones to the jurisdiction of the towns to carry out a comprehensive inspection and implement large inspection on the key parts of the mountainside and agricultural land to prevent forest fire hazards.


Through drone fire patrol, using the advantages of strong mobility, high flexibility, wide monitoring range and real-time transmission of video images, the patrol staff can comprehensively see all kinds of dynamic information in the forest area and discover fire and smoke spots in the forest area in a timely manner, effectively improving the efficiency of forest patrol and enhancing forest fire early warning capability. When there's a fire, the drones can also be used to obtain key information on the fire scene, geographic location information, fire spread trends and other fire extinguishing information to make the first judgment and implement the best path to extinguish the fire promptly, effectively preventing and reducing the occurrence of forest fires and protecting forest resources and people's lives and property.


The SK-XF07 series of professional fire rescue drones developed by Digital Eagle Technology uses a quick disassemble modular design to combine multi-functional collection in one machine: disaster reconnaissance, equipment operation, image transmission, field networking, communication liaison, information collection, disaster analysis and auxiliary decision command, etc. Compared to traditional firefighting equipment, the Digital Eagle firefighting and rescue drones can perform tasks that are highly dangerous and beyond human physiological limits to reduce casualties while not requiring equipment for life support systems. The cost of performing the task is lower and the monitoring is more accurate.


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