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166,000 likes! This very popular piece of equipment comes from Digital Eagle Technology

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Recently a video played widely on the Internet, just a few hours to get 166,000 likes, many users have asked in the comments section of this cool public security equipment from where? What is it for?

I'm here to demystify it for you! This cool piece of equipment is actually a portable drone countermeasure device QR-07S3 from Digital Eagle Technology.

Along with the rapid development of drone technology, drone application scenarios are becoming more and more widespread, and the market scale continues to grow rapidly. However, with the dramatic increase in the use of consumer-grade drones, the number of safety accidents caused by illegal flying and indiscriminate flying has gradually increased, and has become a new problem hovering over the city. Why is it necessary to counteract drones?

1.Drones fall and injure people

Drones flying in the wind, weather conditions and their own weight capacity constraints, may cause improper use of falling and injuring people.

2. Putting a stop to illegal flying

In 2017 drones disturbed the order of Chengdu airport, causing a very serious impact, and in this regard the discussion on illegal flying has reached a climax. The phenomenon of illegal flight of drones not only affects the safety and order of low-altitude airways, but also limits the healthy and sustainable development of civil UAS, and the scientific regulation of drones are increasingly important.


3. Drones are used by criminals

Drones have the characteristics of convenience, concealment and destructive power so it is very easy to be used by some criminals as a tool to survey the environment and carry dangerous and harmful items. Combined with easy access to channels, price selection space, it is easy to become a tool for criminals to commit crimes, and the difficulty of reconnaissance and supervision, thus causing a social security crisis and the people's psychological panic.

4. Snooping on others' privacy

For example, some criminals breaking into people's homes, snooping on their privacy and eavesdropping and filming. When drones carry cameras that turn into surveillance tools, snooping and spying over people's hard-to-reach heads, victims are often overwhelmed.


The frequent occurrence of black flying drones also brings people to think about the new public safety, government officials still have to worry about the harm from drones, that we ordinary citizens how to protect their own safety? How should people avoid the illegal flight of drones in life to break into important and sensitive areas, interfere with the normal flight of civil aircraft, aerial photography leak national defense secrets and other issues?


1.Should be combined with China's national conditions, improve the legal system for the regulation of drones, establish the basic system and the legal framework of key issues, the production, sale, use and monitoring of drones to regulate, clear industry standards, the main responsibility, working mechanisms and other mandatory technical measures to ensure that all aspects of drone management are based on the law. To prevent drone accidents as the focus of prevention, strengthen the anticipation and prevention, improve measures and means, especially to prevent the use of drones in important and sensitive areas to carry out nuisance and sabotage activities.

2. Establish joint prevention and control mechanisms, local public security, civil aviation and other departments focused on all kinds of low, slow and small target ground supervision; local governments to strengthen publicity and education, do a good job in the production of drones, the source of business control, the establishment of a database of drone types, uses, manufacturers and buyers, at key times, important protection around the target, to take no-fly, restrictions on sales and in situ storage and other control measures, restrictions on sales and in situ storage and other control measures to form a collaborative, concerted effort to control the situation.

For these reasons, professional drone countermeasure equipment has come into being, and is being procured by more and more public security departments, security companies, etc. to defend the safety of our low-altitude airspace.


The Digital Eagle QR-07S3 mainly controls drones in flight by emitting high-power electromagnetic waves, cutting off the connection between drones and remote controllers from a distance, and safeguarding the safety of low-altitude airspace in the region. QR series drone countermeasure equipment has successfully passed the test of the Ministry of Public Security, with guaranteed quality.

As a drone interception device, QR-07S3 is simple and quick to operate, with a built-in battery, one key to turn on the power, one key to switch modes, two steps to open the work, so that illegal flights are nowhere to be seen!


The Digital Eagle QR-12 position-based UAV countermeasure system is capable of detecting UAV targets flying within an airspace of no less than 8 km, fully guaranteeing the protection of no-fly areas. Unlike other UAV countermeasures on the market, which are large in size, heavy in weight, difficult to transport, complicated in system structure and high in failure rate, the Digital Eagle QR-12 is modularly disassembled, simple to install and easier to transport. At the same time supporting the automatic strike countermeasures equipment, multiple configurations can accurately locate illegal drones, and even the location of the flyer, the system structure is simple, easier for operators to get started, 24-hour automatic monitoring.

I would like to remind everyone that no matter when personal preferences do not override public safety. The drone countermeasure system can control the drones but the behavior needs to be legal or not under our own control.


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