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We not only products, but also quality services.
Jiangsu Digital Eagle Technology Development Co.,Ltd is located in Wuxi, which is a high-tech company with ability to develop flight control system.
Now, DE has R&D departments in Wuxi and Suzhou, factory and service teams in Taizhou and Yancheng.
Our business including: Researching and manufacture of complete drone, customized special drone system, Flight service as: police assistance, fire extinguish, aerial photography, aerial monitor, power line patrol, agriculture spray, surveillance, security monitor, oil pipeline patrol, forest fire protection and control, maritime patrol, emergency rescue,etc.

Brand Customers

We have worked with many well-known brands, and achieved good reputation.


DE cooperated with Tsinghua, Beihang research institute, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other school for researching.DE has applied about 100 patents and 15 and invention patents.


We not only provide products, but also provide quality after-sales service
In Soo Jeon
Korean customer
Because the digital Eagle UAV has a variety of functions,So it is very convenient to use.
William Jones
New Zealand customer
What I buy is Digital Eagle police unmanned aerial vehicle series.
It provides me with comfortable use feeling,It also has powerful functions
African customers
Digital Eagle does not simply provide product,because,completing product delivery does not mean completion of the project.

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Email:jean@asia-uav.cn , betty@asia-uav.cn
ADD:2F,Bldg A1,No.999 Gaolang East road, Wuxi,jiangsu,China.214500

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